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Lisboa Soa 2023 – Festival of Sounds

Fish Bioacoustics lab was on Lisboa SOA 2023 presenting the mostly unknown underwater cacophony. It's true that many sounds can be almost unnoticeable, but there are species that produce sounds that can dominate many soundscapes. We're not just talking about whales and dolphins, many fish and invertebrates can produce sounds to communicate with each other. On the other hand, anthropogenic noise now occurs in almost all marine ecosystems. While it's easy to realise the effects of noise in the air, it's usually not very clear to us what impact the noise we generate can have on aquatic animals.

In an activity called "Ouvindo debaixo d'água" ("Listening underwater") we showed examples of what can be heard underwater with various examples from Portuguese waters. Activity organised by the Fish Bioacoustics Lab (MARE and CE3C - FCUL), Festival SOA was organized by SONORA Associação Cultural with Raquel Castro as its Artistic Director.



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