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2020 - Vieira, M. (2020) Peixes Cantores do Tejo. Exotik. link

2019 - Fonseca, P. J., Amorim, M. C. P., (2019) Impacto do ruído de barcos em peixes, Rev. Ciência Elem., V7(2):019


2015 - Knight, K. (2015). Toadfish hearing improves with age. Inside JEB.

2017 - Amorim, MCP. (2017) How Important are Fish Sounds for Feeding, Contests, and Reproduction?

2010 - Knight, K. (2010). Toadfish dads are honest about being the best. Inside JEB  213 (17).


2009 - Amorim, M. C. P.,  J. M. Simões, V. C. Almada & P. J. Fonseca (2009) - Do breeding Lusitanian toadfish males sing away their identity, breeding motivation and quality? Acoustical Society of America 157th Meeting Lay Language Papers.


2009 - Vasconcelos, R.O. & M.C.P. Amorim . Toadfish acoustic communication. JMBA Global Marine Environment 9:11

2007 - Knight, K. (2007). Shipping noise is bad for toadfish. Inside JEB  210: iii.

2002 - Phillips, K. (2002) Singing cicadas. Inside JEB 205: i904.

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