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Chronotope - Music composition by Anthony Pateras

New exciting collaboration with Australian composer and pianist Anthony Pateras will soon be played for the first time at O'culto da Ajuda in Lisbon.

This new composition inspired by the rich underwater acoustic environment will be performed by Drumming Grupo de Percussão (PT) & Anthony Pateras (AU) 
with recorded materials from Fish Bioacoustics Lab (MARE and cE3c - Faculty of Science, University of Lisbon). The sensation of multiple pulses or melodic lines, played on different instruments at different speeds should create multidimensional, hypersensory listening experience. Projecting various rhythms around the space, multiple forms and musical focuses converge to form a powerful collective of sound experiences.

The underwater recordings will be manipulated and sculpted using the rare and distinctive "Kyma" sound design system, a sophisticated workstation for spectral transformation. These recordings will be mapped and orchestrated in a percussion + piano quartet prepared to be played live in a virtuoso electroacoustic concert focused on the "musical" communication that can be heard underwater.

More information about the concert here:

Website of Anthony Pateras:



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